How it Works

About HarKam:

Pakistan's first ever marketplace connecting professional service providers, and skilled persons to potential customers. It also lets you take or give bookings, and schedule appointments including discussion about expected service charges all in one place.
Going out was the order of the day, now visit to get everyday task done by experts.

How it Works:

There are 4 primary options;
  1. Posting your services.
  2. Hire the best one.
  3. Get it done.
  4. Rating & Reviews

1. Post Your Services:

Reach your expected applicants in minutes. Generate a post dealing with job’s required skills in detail and submit it. Be specific about degrees, experiences, or any other traits needed for the work.
Simply register from the seller account by clicking REGISTER on the right top side on Create an account, Fill the form and post a job.

2. Hire The Best One:

Search and hire a pro who may act as you direct. Whether you need help with a short term or a long term project, involving any kind of expertise is available without hassle of interviewing or recruiting one by one.
Register the User Account and search on FIND SERVICES BAR.

3. Get It Done:

Upon hiring professional for your job, He will keep pace with the workflow and let you know on every step. The work being done on your command and payment to be made once you are satisfied.

4. Awards and Pay

Satisfaction with the work comes before payment. Appointed provider and customer may discuss time and price via text on their own without any hassle of platform generated receipt. No extra charges from Harkam.

Advertisement For Your Business:

Harkam takes care of businesses and make it easier to keep record of what and how much to be sold! Harkam advertises and promotes your services online for the business’s growth. We provide following services;
  1. Content creation.
  2. Low cost Business Promotion and Boosting.
  3. SEO company website.
  4. Business Social media handling.
  5. Help producing and sharing Press Releases.
  6. Run informative webinars.
  7. Use email marketing to bring in business.
And many more features including 24/7 help and support centre.


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